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Redefining teacher preparation

The Sanford Inspire Program is redefining teacher preparation by integrating best practices from Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College and Teach For America.

It is vitally important, for the future of our country, to improve public education.  We must produce highly effective teachers who are equipped with the skills to motivate students.  I believe this innovative partnership, between ASU's Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College and Teach For America, will refine best practices in teacher education.  Together we will develop new strategies to produce teachers of the highest caliber.

T. Denny Sanford Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

We inspire individuals to make an impact and elevate the status of the teaching profession.  We attract teacher candidates who are committed to the idea that each child deserves an excellent teacher.

Many students entering ASU have great potential to be excellent educators.  They have the ability to advance the way the public views teachers and thus elevate the status of the profession.  It is this conviction that brought many of us to work relentlessly to attract teacher candidates who will inspire and motivate students for years to come.

Crystal Cruz Associate Director of Recruitment, Sanford Inspire Program

We prepare teacher candidates with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to be highly effective classroom teachers.  We hold teacher candidates responsible for leading students to achieve ambitious academic goals 

Colleges of education must be willing and able to collaborate with other stakeholders, including school districts, organizations like Teach For America, federal agencies, and the business and foundation communities, in order to make meaningful innovations in the way they prepare future generations of teachers for successful and rewarding careers.

Dr. Betty Capaldi Provost, Arizona State University

We provide targeted support and professional development to teachers.  Ongoing access to high-quality resources will allow our alumni to increase their effectiveness in the classroom.

The Sanford Inspire Program is preparing tomorrow's classroom leaders.  Teacher candidates learn how to set goals for student learning and work relentlessly to achieve them.

Ryen Borden Executive Director, Sanford Inspire Program

We are building a research base to inform the education community about our innovative approaches to teacher recruitment and preparation.  By widely sharing best practices, we will expand our impact.

The Sanford Inspire Program supports research to evaluate the effectiveness of our initiatives.  Our findings, which have been presented nationally, are transforming the way we prepare teachers.

Collaborating To Transform Outcomes

The Sanford Inspire Program integrates the best of what colleges of education are doing and the best of what Teach For America is doing to attract, prepare, and retain future teacher leaders.

I've been an investor all of my life. I like the best return for my investment, and this is going to be one of the best returns that I've ever, ever received. I just know it is going to happen. T. Denny Sanford

  • Summer 2013

    Sanford Inspire Program invited to present at conferences for The International Society for Technology in Education, The Association of Teacher Educators, and Teach For America

  • Spring 2013

    Teacher Leader: Pursuit of Professionalism curriculum implemented in all undergraduate teaching programs. The first in a series of interactive video games designed to help novice teachers develop critical skills.

  • Fall 2012

    Redesigned field experience course implemented in junior year of teacher preparation program with support from Sanford curriculum team. Teacher candidates demonstrate proficiency in lesson planning and professionalism.

  • Summer 2012

    Sanford recruitment team creates vision and training modules for Campus Campaign Coordinators. Current undergraduate education majors present to groups of peers to help raise awareness about the need for great teachers.

  • Spring 2012

    Sanford recruiters begin using responsive design to develop targeted messages to elevate the status of the teaching profession and attract future educators committed to the idea that each child deserves an excellent teacher.

  • Fall 2011

    Sanford team helps redesign student teaching course taught during the senior year residency. Through clinically embedded assignments, teacher candidates learn to set meaningful goals, invest students in their own learning, and use data to inform instruction.

  • Spring 2011

    Sanford team creates online training to ensure ASU student teachers receive high levels of support from their mentor teachers.

  • Fall 2010

    The Sanford Inspire Program launches and begins working towards the goal of an excellent teacher for every child.

  • Spring 2010

    Dean Koerner lays the foundation for the project by hiring the first Executive Director, Andrea Stouder Pursley, from Teach For America's national team.

  • Winter 2009

    Mr. Sanford signs an agreement to invest $18.85 million dollars to create the Sanford Inspire Program.

  • Summer 2009

    College dean, Mari Koerner, Ms. Esau, and President Crow meet to brainstorm ideas. They write a proposal to prepare more effective teachers by integrating best practices of Mary Lou Fulton Teaches College and Teach For America.

  • Spring 2009

    Pearl Chang Esau, Executive Director of Teach For America Phoenix, approaches President Michael Crow at Arizona State University to discuss a potential partnership.

  • Spring 2009

    T. Denny Sanford has idea that the successes of Teach For America can be replicated by colleges of education to prepare children who are motivated to learn.

Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, as part of the New American University, is setting the standard for the field of education.  Through community partnerships and leadership, Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College is dedicated to applying evidence-based knowledge to positively impact students, families, and the community.

For more information, visit the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College website.

The Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College is revolutionizing teacher preparation and education leadership and research. Programs like the Sanford Inspire Program catalyze these efforts. Dr. Mari Koerner Dean of Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, Arizona State University

The Sanford Inspire Program team is working in partnership with Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College to infuse key traits of Teach For America curriculum into student teaching course syllabi, including setting student-learning goals, backwards design, and investing and motivating students and families.

Arizona State University has been open to partnering with Teach For America in ways that other universities traditionally haven't... setting a new standard for our university partnerships. Wendy Kopp CEO and Founder, Teach For America

Expanding Our Impact by Sharing Best Practices

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